Have Questions About Car Title Loans?

Title loans on a vehicle can be a great way to access fast cash when you need it most. If you are facing an unexpected expense and your bank account is not prepared, you can apply for a secure loan and receive money within hours. If you have any questions about auto title loans, refer to the commonly asked questions below. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to title loan customer service agents.

Can I drive my car if I obtain an auto title loan?

Of course. At Fort Worth Title Loans, we understand that you need your car for transportation, so we allow you to drive it as much as you'd like.

What's the difference between an auto equity loan and a car title loan?

There is no difference! Auto equity loans and car title loans are just different names for the same thing: cash loans secured by a vehicle's title. With both of these loans, you keep your car while you pay off the loan, and the amount you receive is determined by the equity of your car, not your credit score.

What's the most I can borrow?

We offer car title loans in Fort Worth of up to $50,000. The amount is based on your car's approximate equity.

Can I get a car title loan if I have bad credit? What if I have no credit? What if I filed for bankruptcy?

Absolutely! We only need the title of your paid-off car, so your credit history does not affect loan approval.

How long will I have to repay?

Fort Worth Car Title Loans offers repayment periods of up to 42 months. That's much longer than some of our competitors.

When do I get my title back

Your title will be returned as soon as you repay your loan.

How do I apply for car title loans in Fort Worth?

All you need to do is fill out the simple form on this website. After that, you'll be pre-approved and approved in minutes. For detailed instructions, refer to the Apply Now page.

How quickly can I have my money?

At Fort Worth Car Title Loans, we pride ourselves on efficiency. We can usually have you paid in just 24 hours, which is much faster than a bank or credit union - they usually make you wait a week.

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